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Dynamic sculpturing

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Hands 11.JPG

Benyamini Center, Tel Aviv, 2019

Joseph Fetter Museum of Nanotechnology, Ramat Gan, 2019

Benyamini Center, Tel Aviv, 2019

B.Y5 Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2019

Fresh paint, Tel Aviv, 2018

Nature Museum, Jerusalem, 2017

IMG_20191107_233110_359 (2).jpg

My Art

I love exploring the interaction between art and people through ceramic sculpture. 

My sculptures are organically shaped and have joints-like connections that allow movement and create sounds that complete the work. 

The potential movement and dynamics of the sculptures tempt the visitor to interact and play with it. 

My work is an abstract study of the connection between shape, movement, and sound in the sculptural space. 

The playfulness came back to my life and I rediscovered it though parenthood - the joy in free-play which is lost among adults. My analytical side urged me to investigate different methods for mutual influence between art and people, connecting to their inner child with joy and playfulness. The joints are created using the shrinkage of clay in the kiln and each type of joint influences the ceramic design, leading to a meeting between different shapes, materials and sounds and giving rise to a world of associations. My work was presented in several galleries and exhibitions, Including Nature Museum in Jerusalem, Design Museum in Holon, and in Fresh Paint in Tel Aviv.

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