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aqua Marina

Geological Museum, Ramat Harsharon, 2022

Oceanic Treasures in Art: Presenting 'Aqua,' an exhibition at the Geological Museum in Ramat Hasharon featuring the works of ten jewelry and ceramic designers, that capture the breathtaking beauty of the underwater world.

Curator: Rachel Sasporta.

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Throughout history, the magnificent shapes and colors of sea creatures have fueled mythologies, captivated researchers and writers, and served as a rich source of inspiration for plastic art. This exhibition showcases ten ceramic and jewelry designers who intricately trace these creatures' forms. Some recreate seashells, corals, and other marine life, while others draw inspiration to craft imaginative creations.

Coral reefs, among nature's most stunning and spectacular wonders, provide fascinating habitats. Their underwater landscapes resemble dense tropical forests, earning them the moniker "marine rainforests." Coral reefs consist of layers of coral colonies that have lived and died on the seabed, representing long-term evolution. They thrive exclusively in tropical and subtropical regions, where environmental conditions such as light intensity, temperature, salinity, wave activity, flow patterns, and geological events are suitable.

Reefs are some of the world's most complex and diverse ecosystems, primarily composed of coral but inhabited by numerous animal and plant species that share limited resources like food and space. This interdependence fosters a wide array of species coexisting harmoniously. One notable example is the symbiotic relationship between corals and tiny unicellular algae residing in the coral's inner cell layer. These algae assist in building the coral's skeleton and contribute to its unique coloring, while in return, they gain protection and essential nutrients.

Regrettably, in recent years, coral reefs have faced the looming threat of extinction. Global warming, the rapid expansion of sea tourism, destructive fishing practices, pollution from oil spills, sewage, industrial waste, and the proliferation of plastic on beaches are the primary culprits endangering these vital ecosystems and disrupting marine ecological balance.

The exhibition celebrates the beauty crafted by human hands, inspired by the splendor of marine nature, showcasing exquisite creations crafted with meticulous techniques. Simultaneously, it serves as a poignant reminder of the heart-wrenching damage inflicted on the delicate and marvelous texture of marine creatures, along with the grave perils they confront.

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